Sale -36%

Strengthening Seal Pills - 400 Capsules

US$ 40.00
US$ 62.50
Ma Pak leung Viga-Pro Pill is made from high-grade Chinese herbs and is manufactured with modern methods. Suitable for people of all ages.
Sale -41%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] GO Calcium 1-A-Day - 120 Vcaps

US$ 63.75
US$ 108.75
GO CALCIUM 1-A-DAY Natural Source is the perfect synergy of Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 which work together for superior absorption and bone...
Sale -68%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] GO Healthy GO Royal Jelly 1,000 with 10-HDA 12mg...

US$ 35.00
US$ 111.25
GO ROYAL JELLY 1,000 WITH 10-HDA 12mg contains Royal Jelly which is considered one of the nature's best kept secret. Royal Jelly is the sole diet...
Sale -31%
Vita Green

Vital Health Lingxin - 60 Capsules

US$ 96.25
US$ 141.25
A good night’s sleep is vital to our looks, health and emotional wellbeing, yet for many people getting enough rest is a problem.

LoviniKids - Multivitamins Gummies (90 Gummies) 90粒

US$ 37.86
Children need a balanced and a variety of nutrition to maintain healthy development and to support the immune system. LoviniKids Multivitamin gummy...
Sale -14%
Nature's Way

Nature's Way - Nature's Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies Calcium 60...

US$ 15.00
US$ 17.50
- Important to skeletal growth and healthy development.
Health Lab

Yam Powder丨【Nourish the spleen and stomach, detoxify and slim down,...

US$ 13.00
Made of iron rod yam from Jiaozuo, Henan Province, smoked without sulfur, fine powder, rich in nutrition, can help invigorate the kidney and Qi,...
Sale -50%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] GO Propolis 2,000mg - 200 Softgel Caps

US$ 50.63
US$ 101.88
GO Healthy Go Propolis 2000 1-A-Day SoftGel Capsules are immune support antioxidant for general wellbeing.
Sale -31%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] Go Glucosamine + Daily - 60Vcaps

US$ 43.75
US$ 63.75
GO Glucosamine + Daily contains a sustainably sourced form of Glucosamine, GlucosaGreen®. Glucosamine supports joint mobility and flexibility, and...
Sale -33%

MILESTONES® TEEN Mulitivitamin for 12 - 17 Boys - 120 Capsules

US$ 29.38
US$ 44.07
GNC milestones® Teen Multivitamin For boys 12-17: Supports Energy Production, Healthy Skin, Bone Health, Immunity & Overall Health*
Wright Life

Bilberry Lutein Capsules 60粒

US$ 57.63
Enhance eyesight, maintain clear vision and protect the retina,
Sale -38%

Strong New Upgrade Formula - 90 Capsules

US$ 82.50
US$ 135.00
Seven Seas JointCare 2-in-1 Extra contains highly concentrated Omega-3 fish oil plus Glucosamine. The formula is clinically proven for a more...
Sale -32%

Meiriki Cardiotonin - 60 Capsules

US$ 77.50
US$ 115.00
Meiriki Heart Support Factor has found the effective formula which provides all-round protection for your heart. Meiriki Heart Support Factor...
Sale -42%
Nature's Own

[Authorized Sales Agent] NATURE'S OWN 4 in 1 Concentrated Fish Oil - 90...

US$ 33.13
US$ 57.50
Nature’s Own Concentrated Fish Oil 4 in 1* is high strength and has more Omega 3 than Nature's Own Odourless Fish Oil 1500mg. It is odourless to...
Sale -79%

[Authorized Sales Agent] Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D Chewable - 60 Tablets

US$ 12.50
US$ 61.25
Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D3 Chewable comes in a convenient format with a pleasant citrus flavour. A diet deficient in calcium can lead to...
Sale -65%
Healthy Care

Healthy Care Propolis 2000 200pcs/box

US$ 26.25
US$ 75.00
A health supplement for maintaining immune system health
Sale -38%

Xuejing Jiuxin Pills - 30 capsules

US$ 68.75
US$ 111.25
Yamatoo Japanese Xuejing Jiuxin Dan 30 capsules. This Jiuxin Pill is a regular medicine for the elderly at home. It can be said to be a life-saving...
Sale -28%

Jointcare Extra Pro Plus - 90 Capsules

US$ 82.50
US$ 115.00
Glucosamine provides the building blocks of articular cartilage.
Sale -48%
Nature's Own

[Authorized Sales Agent] Nature's Own Glucosamine & Chond ADV - 180 tablets

US$ 51.25
US$ 99.38
The average healthy adult has around 3mm of cartilage to cushion the joints in the knee, but a lifetime of use can take its toll on cartilage. A...
Sale -22%

Melty Enz - Pure Chinese CS-4 (60 capsules) 60粒

US$ 35.03
US$ 45.20
Sale -25%

Mobility - 動必骼 Bioactive Collagen Peptide (100% Fortigel) 10g x30 packs...

US$ 59.33
US$ 79.67
Mobility is a joint supplement that adopted the German hydrolzed technology, powder format, easily absorbed. It contains 100% Bioactive collagen...
Sale -23%

Viartril-S - 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate 30's Sachet

US$ 91.25
US$ 118.75
Viartril-S is the orignial Glucosamine Sulphate. Its Crystalline Glucosamine Sulphate format endorsed by Healthcare professionals because of its...
Sale -58%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] GO Healthy GO Manuka Honey UMF 8+ 500gm

US$ 56.25
US$ 135.00
GO Manuka Honey UMF 8+ contains Manuka Honey sourced from New Zealand. This honey is independently tested for UMF® and MGO levels by accredited...
Sale -11%

EPA&DPA Supplements 30 Days 150capsule

US$ 20.00
US$ 22.50
A supplement that enhances cardiovascular health
Sale -34%

NMN9000 NAD+ 80 Capsules (R&D by Li Ka Shing Science Park) 80 Capsules

US$ 320.00
US$ 485.00
Activating the roots of youth is more than fighting aging NAD+ is not only a necessary substance to sustain life, it is also considered to be the...
Sale -11%

Calcichew - D3 Chewable Tablets 500mg 60 tab 500mg 60 tab

US$ 30.00
US$ 33.75
How important is Calcium & Vitamin D?
Sale -23%
Baby DDrops

Baby DDrops liquid vitamin D3 400 International units - 90 drops (2.5ml) 2.5ml

US$ 25.00
US$ 32.50
The Canadian Pediatricians Association and Health Canada agree that breastfed babies should be supplemented with an appropriate amount of vitamin D...
Sale -7%

Blackmores Fish Oil 1000 400capsules

US$ 32.50
US$ 35.00
Each capsule contains 300 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (including EPA 180mg, DHA 120mg) for brain, eye & heart health
Sale -5%

Wufa Nong® special formula for women - 60 capsules

US$ 82.49
US$ 87.01
UFANONG® special effect formula for women is a natural hair-healthy food developed for women’s hair loss and gray hair problems. It has been...
Sale -25%

[Authorized Sales Agent] Cenovis Calcium VD - 200 Tablets

US$ 41.88
US$ 56.25
Cenovis Mega Calcium + D tablets are a source of calcium. Calcium may help prevent osteoporosis when dietary intake is inadequate. Vitamin D helps...
Sale -25%

Culturelle Kids Chewables Daily Probiotic Formula - 30 Tablets 30pcs/box

US$ 33.75
US$ 45.00
Kids' Probiotics Developed With Science, Trusted By Moms
Sale -30%

Mama Lula Folic Acid & Iron Plus Supplement 30 Days 120capsules

US$ 31.25
US$ 45.00
A supplement that supports the health of mom & baby
Sale -3%

Blackmores|Glucosamine 1500mg 180 tablets

US$ 30.51
US$ 31.50
** Key component of cartilage which is necessary for normal joint function ** 
Sale -73%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] GO Ginkgo 9000 1-A-DAY - 60 Vcaps

US$ 23.75
US$ 88.75
GO Healthy GO Ginkgo 9,000 1-A-DAY

Soy Isoflavones 100\'s 100粒

US$ 28.82
Balance estrogen
Sale -70%
Go Healthy

[Authorized Sales Agent] GO Healthy GO Beautiful Skin Collagen Support...

US$ 26.25
US$ 87.50
GO BEAUTIFUL SKIN COLLAGEN SUPPORT contains essential nutrients to support healthy skin in the convenience of a 1-A-Day dose. Contains Vitamin C to...

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